White Rose C.C.C.


White Rose is a one-of-a-kind English Language School that feels like home.


Hi. I’m Helen Otori and I’m the owner-operator of White Rose English Language School.

Helen Otori


I have over 25 years of experience teaching English in a wide range of educational establishments in Japan. I use that experience to provide a worry-free environment where all students, both children and adults, can enjoy learning English.


White Rose may be a small, private school but it prides itself in the service it offers.



I myself teach all of the lessons, ensuring that students learn only native pronunciation and style.



I am highly competent in Japanese which enables me to help students to understand the language they are learning. Clearer understanding leads to a more complete learning experience.



All lessons are carried out in small groups. This enables me to spend more time with each and every student.


If you are uncertain whether to send your child to English Conversation school or to a cram school, look no further. At White Rose, your needs are covered.


Students of Elementary School age are taught reading, writing, listening and speaking: the four corners of a balanced English learning experience. New language is clearly introduced through songs, games and varied listening activities.


Junior High and Senior High School students learn basic language skills through conversation. We provide support and tuition to complement their studies at school.


The only fees that you will pay are the monthly lesson fees and no more.

入会金・教材費 一切不要です。

You will never be asked to pay membership fees or to purchase lesson materials.


Please contact us at anytime for details of our schedule or to set up a trial lesson.

☏ 090 5659 2390

✉    helenotori@hotmail.com









7 thoughts on “HOME/ホーム

  1. Hello Helen hope the classes are going well love the pics of the baking.
    Thought I might be able to get your schedule up but it doesn’t seem as it allows me.Dad was interested in seeing what you are up to.
    Good luck with this wonderful adventure ,we are so proud of you.
    Mum And Dad xxx


    1. If you click on the link on the schedules page, it should open as a PDF file. Does your tablet have the adobe software installed? If not, that could explain why you can’t access it. I’ll send you my schedule by mail!


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